Liberty League Conference 2011

liberalThe young libertarian network, the Liberty League, will be holding its inaugural conference on Saturday October 22nd at the National Liberal Club in Whitehall, London. This is likely to be the UK libertarian event of the year, with brilliant speakers like James Tooley, author of 'The Beautiful Tree', the free school pioneer Toby Young, Spectator columnist Theodore Dalrymple, and of course the ASI's very own Sam Bowman and Eamonn Butler along with many others.

It will be great chance to meet and discuss ideas with like-minded pro-liberty activists and thinkers. The sessions will include a debate on the Chicago versus Austrian economic schools, a discussion of Libertarianism and Islam, and an exploration of how the state harms the poor. As if that weren't enough, the ticket price of just £30 for students and £65 for non-students includes a set dinner at the end.

Spaces are extremely limited and have been going fast, so make sure to apply soon. The full details are here.

Anton Howes is Director of the Liberty League.