Dog Whistling Environmentalism

The WorldDelegates to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) agreed to attempt to move the public onto a setting of Defcon–1 through the use of vague, but threatening language, in a thinly veiled push to change global human behaviour for the worse. Prior to the next round of negotiations on the UN climate convention and Kyoto Protocol in Bali on 3rd December they announced that climate change, “may bring abrupt and irreversible impacts.” (My emphasis added). They failed however to balance the argument by stating the obvious that it, “may not bring abrupt and irreversible impacts.” (Again my emphasis added).

The IPCC has concluded that climate change is “unequivocal”, and that we are almost 90% more than likely to be the main cause through our emissions of greenhouse gases. And now that they have a Nobel Prize (N.B. not in Science, but for Peace) everything they say is the gospel truth. This is nothing more than another step along the climate scaremongering ladder, and we can only hope that they become more shrill as a majority of the populace and the politicians grows to ignore them. They are simply trying to impose a socialized model of politics upon us through the use of data that suits their arguments. Science of this kind needs to be depoliticized, and the language associated with it (including those who question climate change) needs to be tempered.

The climate is evolving, but we have to realise that we are as hardy a species as the others of this planet and we can adapt, even more so if we are free to. Just as those insects that the Sami people haven't seen previously, (though no doubt there are probably records of them under their feet), adapt, so can we. We are fast becoming a world constrained by the shackling of ourselves with the green politics of environmentalism. The rejection of technology and the welcome of wasteful spending is irrational on our parts and we need to come to our senses.