Blog Review 421


The idea that you should have to label the ingredients of a product seems simple enough. But it takes a bureaucrat to insist that you cannot list what isn't in it .

Strange to think of a storm as being something that can tell you how much better things are getting but Cyclone Sidr seems to be exactly one of those storms

A new blog devoted solely to examples of how much better things are getting

A report from the development front lines. Netsmith rejects the idea that accountancy is interesting (he studied it, he knows) but agrees that it is vitally important .  

Peter Simple invented Rent-a-Mob as satire: how soon the real world catches up with such flights and fancies

Things really are changing at the BBC.  Apparently they're going to justify the licence fee by employing the Yazzmonster less often.

And finally , the Tube announcements you'd actually like to hear.