Goodbye, ASI

My time at the Adam Smith Institute comes to an end today.

I’ve only been here for a short time, but I’ve learnt ridiculous amounts and made friends for life.

The Adam Smith Institute is one of the smallest teams in Westminster and yet consistently features at the highest level of political discourse, achieves amazing victories on policies which make everyone better off and freer, and has a laugh whilst doing so.

My time has been spent (mainly) learning from Matt, cheerleading Morgan, bromancing with Dan, having my wetter opinions challenged by Matthew, and in turn trying to convert Charlie and Julia to republicanism. 

On top of that, though, I’ve worked on delivering the biggest conference programme in recent ASI history. Oh yes, and I edited and published the Neoliberal Manifesto, which set out an optimistic agenda for the future — and so much more, with the support of a quality team.

As Madsen Pirie, co-Founder and President of the ASI, said to me on both my first and my last day in ASI HQ: “you never really leave the ASI.” Naturally, it may be that I walk out of the door today and get disowned (I AM leaving Westminster, and off to the heady heights of Mayfair) but I can see where Madsen is coming from. The ASI inspires a level of loyalty that very few places manage to achieve. 

I have genuinely enjoyed every day working in one of the smallest, yet arguably the most dynamic team in wonk world. You guys won’t get rid of me that easily!