Saying goodbye and good riddance to Britain's Nanny in Chief

As Dame Sally Davies stepped down from her cosy quangocrat role as Chief Medical Officer in England, she released one last report — demanding that all food and drink except water and breastmilk be banned from all public transport. You see, a mars bar eaten at 60 miles per hour on the train has far more calories in it than one eaten just before getting on board.

Dame Sally didn’t stop there of course. The now fortunately ex-Nanny in Chief wants all sugary or fatty things to be banned from sale at sports stadiums. So goodbye matchday pie, or pint at the 6 Nations. Of course there were no mentions of the Theatre or the Opera — wouldn’t want to inconvenience her friends.

Fortunately this last ditch lunacy gave us at the Adam Smith Institute the chance to go out and bat for liberty.

Matt Kilcoyne’s quote on the report featured in The Sun and the Daily Star, and he appeared on BBC Radio Wales, BBC Hereford and Worcester, talkSPORT, and BBC 5 Live’s Emma Barnett Show. You can listen to that appearance in full below.

Matt also wrote for the Spectator on why we should be looking at Dame Sally Davies’ record and judging her tenure as Chief Medical Officer poorly given the return of Measles.

Matthew Lesh spoke to BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show and BBC Radio Ulster. You can catch up on his comments to Jeremy Vine now.

These preposterous ideas may fade to nothingness now, but they’ll be back. The Public Health lobby is heavily funded by your taxes, and well organised. And while Dame Sally Davies may be off to run Trinity College Cambridge, know that there’s always nanny just around the corner waiting to fill her shoes.

So we’ll keep fighting the good fight. Standing up for your right to live your life the way you choose.