Gabb on liberty


Dr Sean Gabb spoke to the Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Future ‘Star Social’ meeting on Monday on the subject of liberty. He caused somewhat of a stir. The talk was based around the advice that he would give to a future incoming Conservative administration, and why it needed to undertake the ideas he suggests. He posited it in the future as he rightly believes that the government that Cameron would form will be more or less a carbon copy of the governments of the past 17 years.

Dr Gabb drew upon Marx and his reasoning as to why the 1871 Paris Commune failed as a way to show why the Establishment needs to be abolished. The key actions he called for a future administration to undertake involved closing the BBC and shutting down around half of the civil service and its associated quangocracy. This would successfully rid any government of the challenges that the entrenched rent seeking opponents could bring to bear by utilizing their positions of comfort. Most importantly though, liberty would be returned to the inhabitants of the United Kingdom, as they would have the heavy weight of bureaucracy lifted from them and the heavy burden of tax removed.

The Conservative party, as is, has meekly become an extension of the establishment, exemplified by the response that Dr Gabb’s speech received. Dr Gabb is correct in his suggestion that a new wave of radicalism is needed to save the freedoms’ of the British people. That this approach is unacceptable to those who seek to become part of the problem should be of no surprise. Proceeding governments of the near future will offer little that will alter the status quo.

Whilst the polls show a massive lead for the Conservatives, they do so only because the Conservatives appear to not be New Labour. The truth of the matter is that both of them accept the Establishment and will do little to undermine their own chances of lining their pockets via the political process. We the people will continue to lose out.