Farewell christmas tree?


Walking through Oxford Street and looking at this years Christmas decoration is dispiriting. You immediately get the feeling something is missing. The overhead street decoration has no Christmas symbolism anymore; a boring umbrella has replaced the Christmas tree. I kept scratching my head: are there people out there who bother about this stuff?

Well, it seems the PC brigade has struck again. There will be no proper Christmas decoration anymore. I want everybody to be aware that the PC people are now finishing in this erstwhile free country what the Jacobins started and the Nazis took over in the 1930. They were very keen to ban all Christian symbols in public places because they wanted their swastika to be displayed in their place.

These days, we often hear that crosses and other Christian symbols must be tucked away because they might offend the faithful of other denominations, particularly Muslims. And yet I wonder what offends Muslims more: the Christmas trees and Christianity-inspired decorations in our shopping malls, or the politically correct (and often taxpayer-supported) Gay Pride parades which take place in our major cities every year? But I guess that as far as our political elites are concerned, the latter symbolizes multiculturalism, and is therefore acceptable, while the former evokes traditional values, and is not.

It’s a strange world we’re living in.