Picks of the week


1. The Gnome Thought Experiment – Only Austrian capital theory can explain economic slowdown caused by mischievious gnomes. 

2. Friends Don't Let Friends Become Chinese Billionaires – Why do Chinese billionaires have such a high mortality rate?

3. "Not every human problem deserves a law"California's Governor Jerry Brown uses his veto pen. Reason.com has more.

4. Video: 4 Million Microloans Visualized in 4 Minutes – The power of charitable capitalism through Kiva.org microloans.

5. Government to Investigate 'West Lothian Question'– The first step towards an English Parliament, or even greater decentralization of power?

6. Save The Pound – Denationalize It – Currency competition is the key to sound money.

7. A World Without Borders Makes Economic Sense – Ending immigration controls might be the best single policy decision anybody could make.

8. No Way Out – Why Policy Advice is Futile, And What You Should Do Instead – Basically, we're doomed, but here's an interesting explanation of why.