Sir Paul Nurse has finally decided to fire Paul Ehrlich from the Royal Society


We have to say that we're not quite sure whether "fire" is quite the right verb for getting rid of a Fellow of the Royal Society. But given the manner in which Paul Ehrlich has been wrong in every single prediction he's ever made about human beings, population levels, wealth, the economy or the environment it is about time that Britain's leading scientific organisation dispensed with his services. So we can only say Hurrah! to this statement from Sir Paul Nurse, the leader of that most prestigious of Britain's scientific organisations:

Britain's most senior scientist has launched a fierce attack on influential figures who distort scientific evidence to support their own political, religious or ideological agendas.

The president of the Royal Society, Sir Paul Nurse, said scientists must challenge serial offenders from all spheres of life who continually misused science to support their preconceived beliefs.

Speaking ahead of an inaugural speech he will give next week as the incoming president of the British Science Association (BSA), Nurse said it was not enough for scientists to sit on the sidelines and sneer when public figures expounded unscientific nonsense.

Quite right too and we might even add to that Hurrah! with a "Well done Sir Paul" and even an "about time too".

We could mutter something about why on earth was he there in the first place, possibly even grumble about it taking so long to do the right thing, but as the Good Book tells us more joy in heaven over one sinner that repenteth etc. So we should simply rejoice.