A Return to the land of the slightly freer

Above: Carly in Edinburgh with other ASI staff (second right)

It’s hard to believe, but August is here. My report has been written, blogs have been blogged, and a fabulous statue has been erected.  Now it’s time for me to head home, prepare for my final year at Yale, and begin the exhilarating process of applying to law school.

In the last 2 months, I’ve played croquet (and won!), drunk enough tea to fill Boston Harbor, and spent an evening at the cricket.  But all those quintessentially "British" experiences have just reinforced how global the message of freedom is. No matter which side of the Atlantic we’re on, we do ourselves a disservice when we let someone else make decisions for us, and we undermine the dignity of others when we assume that we know what’s best for them. The dignities of freedom and benefits of free markets have no borders except those that we ourselves impose.

As for my friends here at the ASI, there’s nowhere near enough room for me to do them justice. I’ll limit myself to saying that it’s been great, and I can’t imagine a more welcoming, entertaining group. So thanks, guys, for letting me get swept up in the whirlwind that is life at the Adam Smith Institute. 

In parting, then, here’s a toast- to free people, to free markets, and to the individuals around the world who devote their lives to seeing those principles realized. Cheers!