Blog Review 676


We're not party political here but our word it is good to see economic rationality from that set of benches. Green taxes have their place, but that's as green taxes, not extra taxes nor for the pursuit of other political ends.

Adam Smith is often called the father of (modern) economics, was he also the father of wine economics (erm, oenoeconomics?)?

Banning things, prohibition, simply doesn't work, for we shaved monkeys are innovative little things. Further, banning things leads to peoples' deaths. Time to stop banning things perhaps?

Yes, there really are large differences between men and women: perhaps not on average, but in variances around that.

A nomination for Most Economically Literate Bureaucracy. No, it's not our own, why do you ask?

The unique role of the shed in British history.

And finally, modern history does seem to have become, well, modern.