Blog Review 439


Mirable dictu! It would appear that a large majority of the British public actually do understand the points about free trade. Now all we have to do is get the politicians to understand....

 Gary Becker poses an interesting question . Why is tax evasion actually so low?

Teaching economics through popular music . An example: In this excerpt, Coolio suggests that he would rap for no money. Draw a representative labor supply curve.

Teaching economics by video: in this one , tax competition and its value in keeping pressure on governments to be efficient (replace with "not so grasping" to taste). 

Teaching the economics of fisheries by blog post. It's a Commons problem and will only be solved by that which solves such problems: property rights.

A twist: teaching yourself about bias by talking to economists. 

And finally , pie shops and Cantonese and the wonders of Stenthenge