Free-society jazz CD offer


songs_for_smokers_1.jpg Yesterday I told you about You Can't Do That! - a jazz celebration of the right to smoke and drink without officialdom poking its PC nose in, from the Boisdale Blue Rhythm Band.

The eighteen smoke-easy classics are bookended by two new tracks deploring the ban on consensual smoking in public, I'm Going Outside, with musing by BBC Jazz Musician of the Year Alan Barnes, and words by playwright Alan Plater:

I'm going outside, I may be some time

It was good enough for Churchill, but now it’s a crime

The puritans in Whitehall say I’m lower than slime

So I'm going outside and I may be some time 


They've issued banning orders to the taprooms and clubs 

You can only have a smoke if you’re in Wormwood Scrubs

The wagging of the fingers and the shaking of heads

Have sent us all a-scurrying to the cycle sheds.

And The Last Smoker has music by Boisdale pianist Simon Wallace and words by the great Fran Landesman:

The last smoker stares hopelessly out in the rain

The last smoker is searching his pockets in vain

The smoke police are closing in, their sniffers never fail

If they detect a whiff of smoke, the culprit goes to jail


The new people are clean living god fearing folk

They drink nothing that’s stronger than diet Coke...

It's great fun, and normally costs £10. But I've sweet-talked Simon Clark of Forest, the Free Society organization, to offer up 50 copies to our UK and European readers free of charge! Simon will send a free CD (postage paid) to the first 50 UK and European readers (one CD only per household) who email their full name and address to him at . Simon's only keeping the offer open for 14 days, so move fast!