Blog Review 470


Carbon footprints and now food prints. Hmm, how about a radical system which measures everything, distilling all the information down into just one number?

It is odd how it's turned out. If you'd made these predictions 20 years ago no one would have believed them possible. 

One of those possibilities, ID cards. This is an excellent forensic dissection of why they'll not work as Gordon Brown seems to think they will. 

Yet more on why seemingly good ideas simply cannot get off the ground in the UK. Yes, it's the bureaucracy. 

A poser for a Monday : if we do meet aliens, what will we ever trade with them? 

Back here on planet earth, more amusement as the prognostications of Paul Krugman the political columnist on trade are refuted by the prognostications of Paul Krugman the economist on trade.

And finally, yes, Netsmith too was a victim, sucked into wonk land by airy promises.