Blog Review 478


A fascinating (tax geek alert, this for a certain and not common value of "fascinating") post looking at what rate of flat tax and the associated personal allowance would be needed to replicate the current US income tax yield?

If these really are the economics of large scale wind power systems, why on earth do we have a Government Minister proposing that we build tens of thousands of them? 

Reforming the rights to public protests. Well, what did you think they were going to do? Return freedoms to Parliament Square or reduce freedoms elsewhere in their harmonisations? 

The perils of State funding of political parties, of State control of political parties. Once the money comes from the State then said State gets to decide who is allowed to be a political party (and possibly, thus, who may stand for election).

More political duplicity, otherwise known as do as I say, not as I do. 

And more such : this is why we don't let the government own the printing presses. 

And finally, where does a divorce lawyer advertise if a divorce lawyer isn't allowed to advertise? How about sponsoring the condoms at that hot sheet motel on the edge of town?