Blog Review 479


It was ten years ago today : the birth of the alternative online media. Drudge got his first scoop and blogs followed soon after.

The appallingness of government funded neocon propaganda. How dare they use tax money to spout such things?

Worried about the pace of development in the poorer countries of the world? You could do worse than ask McDonald's to set up in them you know?

What should you do when the government insists that your offer to your customers is illegal? Obey the law, of course, but there's a certain joy at Amazon's response to the French government all the same. 

It is indeed something of a problem when the leading Republican candidate is this absurdly protectionist. Should proper liberals actually be thinking about voting Democratic? 

Predicating politics and policies on the idea that American incomes have been stagnant for decades has only one problem: it isn't true. 

And finally, one way bets courtesy of the Finnish Government.