Blog Review 486


Today's jaw dropper is the back and forth between Dan Hannan and The Devil (caution, very sweary indeed) and again on how those charities that *support* the Foreign Secretary on the subject of the EU constitution are all recipients of money from either the EU or the government which the Foreign Secretary is such an adornment to. We could do with Mandy Rice-Davies to tell us that thy would, wouldn't they? In fairness, EU Referendum had this story last week. The good news is though that our charities are indeed honest.

A plea for help: can someone plase provide the case in favour of the EU itself? 

In defence of high salaries. Someone really does need to remind certain economic journalists of the first word in their job description. 

Did you think that the NAFTA clauses concerning removal of the sugar industry protections were really going to be implemented? No, of course not, you're not that naive are you? 

If you want to know what the Federal Reserve is going to do next, try reading Ben Bernanke's old research papers.  

One slightly different method of solving the shortage of organs for transplant. 

And finally , political joke of the day and advice for budding luvvies (on which point Laurence Olivier made a film with Dustin Hoffman, who asked Larry for advice in portraying his character."Why not act?").