Blog Review 557


The progressives (what we are now supposed to call the socialists) do seem to have landed upon a most odd logo to go with their conference today. Really, most, most odd. If anyone has a physical copy of it, headed notepaper or the like, Netsmith would be most interested in one.

Supplying kidneys again. The problem is that even if were were all opted in to organ donation, that still wouldn't solve the shortage: we need a market. 

The immigration debate explained. Clearly and graphically.

A most intriguing result: the connection between civil war and soccer hooliganism (by the players that is). One datum in opposition to the theory: given that the last Civil War in England ended in the 17 th century, how do we explain Martin Taylor's tackle?

The Government Chief Statistician seems to have some slightly odd (or should we call them biased?) ideas. 

Possibly not the wisest idea for a reality TV program (although economists would be worse). 

And finally, spare a thought for the true victims of the financial market woes.