Blog Review 836


Yes, we really should take up Larry Flynt's idea and subsidise the porn industry. Well, why not? It's no more ridiculous than many other things which are having cash thrown at them, which was rather Larry's point we think.

For example, perhaps the UK car industry isn't all that deserving after all.

What we really need is a bad country, not a bad bank. Netsmith likes this idea a lot. Perhaps we will finally find out what France is for?

This could be the phrase for 2009. "You're not dead until you're warm and dead."

Evidence to annoy the republicans (that's the anti-Monarchists, not the GOP). Parliamentary systems do better than Presidential ones.

Blimey. Someone's finally come up with a stimulus plan that's at least half decent?

And finally, the Milky Way Transit Authority. (Puns are here.)