Blog Review 935


As Mencken pointed out, there´s a time when every man feels the need to raise the Jolly Roger and begin slitting throats. As is done here: we build military equipment to fight wars, not to provide jobs.

This politicians and new technology thing doesn´t work very well, does it? If they cannot handle a simple .pdf file then what are they doing with hte NHS Spine, the ID card system, the National Database.....

As we´re so often told, there are no solutions in economics, only trade offs. But what if, with pensions, we don´t really like any of the possible trade offs?

The publicly subsidised arts make philistinism look ever more attractive really.

It´s well known that womens breasts turn men into fools but it appears that the primary use of them in childcare also turns some women into said fools.

No, sadly, this is not a joke. Now that we all have to smoke outside (or rather, in order to smoke one must egress) there is a move to charge for smoking licences for places where people might egress in order to smoke.

A vital question: does God believe in Jeffrey Sachs?

And finally, it would appear that graduate education does indeed inform and educate.