BNP and the left


"Labour has been forced to drop its policy of not sharing a platform with the BNP after the BBC confirmed that it is to invite Nick Griffin to appear on Question Time....Although Gordon Brown is understood to have been angered by the decision, Downing Street made no comment yesterday. Instead it was left to Labour sources to confirm that the party would field a senior figure to appear alongside Mr Griffin." (Article here)

Nothing could be more damaging to the left than for the public to hear the words, "I totally agree with you". Unfortunately it could well be uttered by Nick Griffin more than once.

Here's a few BNP polices that many on the left would be "proud of":

  • The protection of British companies from unfair foreign imports
  • The renationalisation of monopoly utilities and services
  • Bring hospital cleaning back in-house and make high cleanliness a top priority
  • More emphasis must be placed on healthy living with greater understanding of sickness prevention through physical exercise, a healthier environment and improved diets
  • Develop renewable energy sources such as off-shore wind farms, wave, tidal and solar energy
  • The introduction of a system of workfare for those in unemployment benefit for more than six months with compulsory work and training in return for decent payment
  • Take all privatised social housing stock back under local democratically controlled council ownership

All from the policy pages of the BNP's website, if you want to scare yourself witless at the prohibitive costs of all this then click here. The BNP: the left's wolf in a red cloak.