Film of the Year No. 6


6. In Bruges

In a nutshell: Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson play a pair of hit-men, sent to lie low in Bruges by their gangster boss, Ralph Fiennes, after a job goes horribly wrong. Gleeson enjoys the sightseeing, Farrell gets involved with a girl, the pair hang out with an unpleasant midget – and then Fiennes arrives in town, triggering the film’s climactic showdown.

Assuming you take your humour pitch-black, In Bruges is hilarious. It is also thoughtful, moving (on occasion) and (once things get going) exciting to boot. Some people won’t like it, and a few may even be offended. With a peculiar plot, no real hero, and lashings of foul language, In Bruges is clearly catering to a particular audience. But if – like Cinesmith – you like that sort of thing, you’re sure to enjoy In Bruges. It is without doubt the best black comedy of the year.

Watch the trailer here