Logical Fallacies: 1. Argumentum ad Temperantiam


Three years after his YouTube videos showing that "Economics is Fun," Madsen is doing a series on "Logical Fallacies." They mark the forthcoming release of Bloomsbury's second edition of How to Win Every Argument. Madsen's basic point is that errors of logic litter public and private discourse, and a working knowledge of logical fallacies will steer you towards what the evidence supports and away from what it does not.

More mischievously, it will enable you to have a great deal of fun poking holes in the arguments opponents put forward. Nowhere is this more true than in public life. The halls of Westminster and the media studios ring with fallacies, and you will enjoy identifying them. The book explains 90 of them, and Madsen intends to post brief videos on 20 of these over the next few weeks. The first is the Argumentum ad Temperantiam. We hope you enjoy them.

You can pre-orderĀ the new edition of Dr Madsen Pirie's How to Win Every ArgumentĀ here