Young Writer on Liberty 2011


The Adam Smith Institute invites you to enter our annual student competition, Young Writer on Liberty. This year’s theme is:

“Three policy challenges: how libertarians should respond”

In order to enter the competition, you must write three separate, blog-style articles, none of which may exceed 400 words in length. Any articles exceeding the word limit will be excluded.

Each article should identify a contemporary policy challenge, and then explain how libertarians – that is, people who believe in liberty, free markets and limited government – should respond.

You could, for example, look at the banking crisis and suggest a policy response. Or you could point to the growth of the surveillance state, and propose ways of restricting government power. Or you could look at the defects of the welfare state, and outline an alternative approach.

Those are just suggestions, and there are a huge range of other options you could choose from. Just pick up a newspaper and ideas should spring from the pages!

To enter, you must be aged 21 or under at the time of entry. Submissions should be emailed to no later than Sunday 29 May. Please put ‘Young Writer on Liberty’ in the subject line.

Top prize is £500, three books on liberty, and two weeks work experience at that Adam Smith Institute. All three of the winners articles will be published here, on Second prize is two books on liberty, and two articles published here. Third prize is one book on liberty, and one article published here.