Young Writer on Liberty - last week


As April 30th draws closer, time is running out to enter the ASI’s ‘Young Writer on Liberty’ competition. With economic freedom eroded by taxes and regulations and civil liberties trampled underfoot, we want to know what the next generation would do to reverse this depressing state of affairs.

For a chance to become the ASI’s ‘Young Writer for Liberty’ 2010, simply submit 3 short articles, each on a different ‘Way to Advance Liberty’. You might support drug legalization, an open borders policy or dismantling the state completely; we are open to all ideas for making the UK a freer place.

Incentives matter, which is why winners will receive literature to further their quest for liberty and see their work published on our blog, while the top prize includes £500 cash.

Entrants must be under 20 years of age on the day of the deadline. For more details, click here.