One part of the Swedish model we firmly reject

We have noted a number of times around here that the Swedish model is not quite what people think it is. The economy as a whole is more vehemently free market than our own for example. We don't share the taste for a high tax, high redistribution society but there's still no doubt that, along with that greater insistence upon economic freedom, it's a place that works.

However, there is one aspect of that model under discussion which we adamantly oppose:

Sweden’s government on Wednesday proposed the reintroduction of compulsory military service, as the country continues to rebuild its national defenses amid rising tension around the Baltic Sea.

Absolutely not, not under any circumstances. And yes, for some of us at least, we do mean any circumstances - WWII did not justify conscription.

At one level it's simply a violation of that good ol' specialisation and division of labour. There are those 20 year olds who like and are good at controlled violence. Where we need controlled violence then we should be using those talents, not simply dragging anyone in off the streets.

But at a much more important level it is simply slavery. Slavery to the desires of the state rather than to some individual Massuh to be sure, but slavery all the same. And no, slavery does not have any place in our modern society, we're all better than that.

If Sweden cannot get enough volunteers in the current circumstances then they should be offering more money to those who do join up. And if the taxpayers aren't willing to bear that burden then they won't get defended, will they?