Political engagement is fantastic but think what you really voted for

I congratulate the young for turning up in great numbers to cast their vote in the general election.  The main contribution by Mr. Corbyn’s Labour Party and Momentum was to mobilize political engagement among the young. Our politics and careerist politicians need shaking up — but promising the moon and hiding the true ideological nature of Mr. Corbyn’s Labour Party and Momentum was one of the most seductive and cynical plays that I have ever witnessed in British politics.

You voted for a change for the better, but be under no illusion, you cast your vote for a hard-core leftist party.  The Labour Party under Mr. Corbyn is guided by an ideological zeal that is based on both Trotskyist and Marxist-Leninist principles of proletarian dictatorship.  Over the weekend we saw demonstrators waving Hammer and Sickle flags and posters to defy Tory rule by striking, marching, and occupying outside Downing Street. Didn’t the demonstrators realise or care how offensive it was for us who have some understanding and personal memories of the 20th century history.  I grew up in Finland in the 1970s next to the Soviet beast.  I always remember lining up as a very young teenager waiting for a bookstore to open so that I could buy a book by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It was announced in the news the night before that Dr. Solzhenitsyn’s book would be taken out of circulation as Finland couldn't be seen to be selling anti-Soviet material. Hammer and Sickle flags do not symbolise equality, freedom, and democracy. They are a symbol of an era of totalitarianism, oppression, gulags, KGB, refuseniks, and summary executions.  I call for Mr. Corbyn and the Labour Party of today to condemn such idealization of a regime that is a polar opposite to our parliamentary democracy.

Soviet Union failed, Venezuela and Cuba are economic basket cases.  Capitalism is far from perfect, especially capitalism that is based on cronyism, but the alternatives are far worse.  Mr. Corbyn’s Labour Party believes that human behaviour and economic decisions can be planned centrally.  Any economist worth her or his salt will tell you that this isn’t possible without political coercion.  Any political system that forces people to consume what is decreed by a central command, rather than for allowing markets to use the price mechanism to allocate scarce resources to meet what people wish to consume has failed and will fail.  Moreover, Mr. Corbyn’s Labour Party have shown their economic incompetence by stating that they will be using ‘bonds’ to renationalise industries as if ‘bonds’ were not real money.  I listened to a number of callers on LBC radio over the weekend who had swallowed this lie, hook line and sinker. Many of them stated that the government can use ‘bonds’ to fund the renationalisation programme.  Bonds are a form of government debt that accrue interest — real money that needs to be paid back with interest. 

You cast your vote to a Labour Party that will ruin this country politically, socially, and economically.  Any future government led by Corbynist ideology will leave you worse off and create an economic disaster for the future generations to pay off.  Finally, would you like to live in a society where you will be imprisoned for flying protest flags outside Downing Street.