America's only socialist opposes Americans trading with socialists


Bernie Sanders running for President was always going to provide some amusement. But we didn't think it was going to come quite so soon after America's only declared socialist in Congress made his announcement. Sanders is against eh idea that America should sign the trade deals that Obama is urging that America does. And as Tyler Cowen has pointed out the country most likely to benefit from said trade deals is the at least nominally (and very poor, there's a connection there) socialist country of Vietnam. It's thus possible to note that:

Note his position the the US needs to “fundamentally change our trade policies, so that corporations don’t shut down in this country and move to China or Vietnam or other low-wage countries.”

Yes, the socialist candidate for US president is talking about keeping American jobs from migrating to the “socialist” countries of China and Vietnam.

Politics: it's a rum manner of trying to run the world, isn't it?

We would also like to note that this blog post was created on International Workers Day, May 1.