B is for biased


Via James Delingpole, I see that the last vestige of the BBC’s non-partisan façade has finally slipped:

"Behold the spending review slider! Pay attention, my vicious right-wing audience. You know those 144,625 new affordable homes you want to never see built? Well, cut the Housing Budget by 25% and they never will be! Want to lower the basic pension by £30 a week? Drag that slider to a 30% Welfare cut and watch those poor retirees squirm. Efficiency savings? Cuts to needless bureaucracy? Don’t talk such rot! My viscous free-market perspective necessitates that every penny of my cuts contribute to the great cause of crippling front line services. Up for some poor bashing anyone? I’ll go fetch my golf clubs. Oh I’m salivating just thinking of the devastation my swingeing cuts could achieve were only I at the Treasury!"