Buster's World propaganda


A couple of weeks ago it emerged that Ed Ball’s Buster’s World – an education resource children "helps you find out about the world around you" – took the same name a fetish website. As the fetish site is top of a Google search for "Buster’s World" this resulted in many irate parents and embarrassed apologies from the Department of Children, Schools and Families.

Buster’s World – the government site, not the gay fetish porn website – is in fact a tool for political propaganda that any right thinking parent should keep their children well clear of. Of the games here are my top three to avoid:


In ‘Footprint’ children are given the opportunity to find out much carbon they and their family are producing and how to stop it. Recommended especially for parents who want make their children feel guilty for being born.

Fair Shares

This is great for teaching children that without government, the whole world comes to halt through a realistic simulation of how a town works. For example, if one reduces taxes the words ‘Tax Level: Extremely Low‘ flash on screen. I managed to do awful job as in no time at all I lost with the message: “Oh no! People were very unhappy with the way you ran the DirectgovKids town. You didn’t get the balance between raising money through taxes and spending money on services. You made bad decision about the town’s finances.” the trouble is there is no private sector in Buster's World.

PM for the Day

Here your child will be free to choose between any of these policies:

Emergency Services

  1. Increase the number of police on the beat
  2. Increase the number of ambulances in hospitals
  3. Invest in new fire engines and equipment for fire fighters


  1. Make the school day finish at 1pm
  2. Make sure every school has a swimming pool
  3. Give free school dinners to every pupil


  1. Ban junk food advertisements on TV
  2. Raise the No Smoking age from 16 to 21
  3. Raise the amount of tax on alcohol


  1. Make all fur trading illegal
  2. Ban all cars in town centres
  3. Double the number of parks and nature reserves in the UK


  1. Double the number of cycle lanes in the UK
  2. Gives everyone under 16 free travel on public transport
  3. Lower the speed limit on roads from 70 mph to 60 mph

Sport and Culture

  1. Build more local sports centres
  2. Bid for Birmingham to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022
  3. Make all museums and galleries free to enter

Personally, I would keep children as far away from this nonsense as I would the fetish website