Europe Day


altToday is Europe Day don’t you know? A day to celebrate the wonder that is the victory of social(ism) democracy and bureaucratization through the back door of a proto-federalist union of what were once nation states.

Despite the disastrous tumour of political institutions that permeate the political landscape of Europe, a short read of the original Declaration – the anniversary of which you are probably not celebrating today – did not necessarily set European relations on the path it sadly followed.

The Declaration calls for the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in order to promote peace in Europe. In other words it was an acceptance of the classical liberal belief that “If goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will" (Bastiat); even though it was framed in socialistic rhetoric and regulated by a “Higher Authority".

We all now know what this led to and there were clues in this original Declaration. For example this sentence is simply beyond parody:

Conditions will gradually be created which will spontaneously provide for the more rational distribution of production at the highest level of productivity.

So happy Europe Day! No need to raise a toast to the bureaucrats of Europe, these nameless parasites will be toasting your good health. After all it is you who picks up the bill.