Where economics and responsibility meet


After 12 years of Labour government we are discovering that there was never anything ''new' about them and once again they have destroyed the UK's finances, but this time they have taken society with it. We now live in an era where, as David Cameron suggested, adults are treated like children and children are treated like adults. Correctly he wishes to do something about this and revitalize our lives by handing back much of the responsibility for ourselves that we have lost over the past decade. We hopefully will soon find ourselves at a crossroads where economics and responsibility meet.

There is much debate currently over whether a measly amount should be trimmed from the UK government's budget in the coming years. (Even though Team Cameron have agreed to increase government spending up to 2011). In the likelihood that there are going to be cuts then this means that it is to have a direct impact on public spending and somewhere someone will be found wanting of a public service because of this. To navigate this ridiculous argument over the coming decade, year-on-year the subjugated private sector should be unburdened of regulation and taxation and allowed to grow. At the same time the responsibility that people are being given should come with a carrot attached. For example, choose private healthcare and receive a cut in your overall tax bill; the same could occur when you send your child to a private school.

Rather than cutting public services, incentivize the workers within it to leave. Let them see how much better they could be paid in the private sector, and as the private sector grows then demand will fuel higher wages. As the private sector is freed up then tax revenue will increase as the country once again becomes an attractive place to do business and bring up a family.