Beer and the nanny state


From pariahs to saints in a matter of months. The Brew Dog company were excoriated in the media and political circles for creating a porter that had an alcoholic content of 18%. The beer, Tokyo (Tokio in the US) is a beer that, "was all about the craft, the challenge and pushing the boundaries of beer and the perception of beer in Britain." It certainly pushed boundaries. So far, that the Portman Group and the Scottish executive want to ban its sale. Illustrating the point that when it comes to beer in this country the press and the politicians know nothing.

In response to the brouha regarding this strong porter they have developed a new ale: The Nanny State. It comes in at a whopping 1.1% and is technically not a beer and will not have any duty levied on it. As they say, they are awaiting the heartfelt praise that this beer deserves from those so outraged by the first. It is possible that because they are behaving as the state requires, they will slip under the radar.

While there may be a minority of teenagers and those in their twenties who are drinking beyond their own personal limits as they grow up they will learn to deal with drinking. There's no need to punish us all by lumping us together in the same hostelry. In the meantime this beer is awaiting it's much deserved fulsome praise...