Sex Sells


The BBC has an interesting article on the status of the prostitution industry in New Zealand since it was legalized in 2003. The reception of legalization in the past six years has been overwhelmingly positive. The industry has changed quite a lot since 2003, with women receiving more legal protection in terms of their rights as sex workers, and their ability to gain protection from police when they are abused.

Some of the interviewed prostitutes claimed that the brothel conditions are quite good, and that since they now have more options they no longer have to put up with abusive owners or clients. Although the trade is not socially accepted, prostitutes are now treated with respect and feel safer.

Legalization seems to leave both prostitutes and their clients in a better situation. Clients no longer have to go to seedy back alleys to pick up workers and prostitutes are much better protected. Europe [the Dutch excluded] should learn the leson and legalize prostitution. It would help protect some honest hard workers and provide tax revenues for the state.