The right to surf


The European Parliament has declared that access to the internet is "a right" and not merely a nice thing to have, reports.

"Recognising internet access as a fundamental right, the Commission said that "any measures taken regarding access to or use of services and applications through electronic communications networks must respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, including in relation to privacy, freedom of expression and access to information and education, as well as due process".."

Now there is no word on what that "access" has to entail. It does not go as far as to say that people have the right to broadband anywhere they might live. Those who are keen on so-called "net-neutrality" will be enboldened by this move. Of course, in reality the bill will be an excuse for even more regulation on the already burdened ISP sector. We shall wait to see how they react should this legislation go through as its planned.