Economics Is Fun – 40,000 views and counting!

The series of 20 videos that Madsen and Xander made early this year is still going strong.  Total views have just passed 40,000, and are still climbing steadily.  The idea arose after Madsen published "Economics Made Simple," (just £2.84 on Kindle!) and the aim was to put across the essential (but often ignored) truths about economics in a light-hearted and if possible, entertaining way. 

They decided to keep to a very brief format, with each YouTube video about two-and-a-half to three minutes long.  The idea is to show how economics builds up in a series of logical steps from first principles derived from common sense. 

At a time when large parts of the world economy seem to be tottering on the brink of chaos, it has never been more important to have some grasp of how economics actually works, and what governments and others can and cannot do about it.

The ASI has attracted new readers and new fans from this successful series, whose videos can be seen here.