A financial tea party


The people are revolting; we can be fairly certain that that is probably how the majority of politicians view the populace below them. In much the same way that the Parliamentarians of the late 18th Century viewed the North American colonists, especially after a particularly truculent tea party in Boston. The colonists wanted something in return for the taxes  the Crown was asking of them, specifically, representation in the English parliament, while the Crown was attempting to usurp this by forcing tea upon them. The act of throwing the tea into Boston Harbour is now synonymous with rebellion against higher powers abusing their positions to enslave.

A few weeks ago a new call to arms was raised by Rick Santelli in his now ‘infamous’ conversation with other presenters on CNBC where he exposed the true feelings of many in the US to President Obama’s bailout. He ended his piece by calling for a Tea Party in Chicago to protest against the bailout and the uncontrollable government spending. As such, there have already have been some protests across America, but now forces mobilizing for a larger event on Tax Day, April 15th 2009, Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party. Yet to reach the non-violent heights of 1773 it can only be a matter of time before money starts moving away from the shores of the US, as businesses and individuals look to keep their property safe from the tax collector.

It is rare for violence to flare in relation to taxation, especially in these modern times where capital is fluid and can be moved at the touch of a button. The coming financial revolution will not be one that is characterized by violence but by outflows of capital moving away from overbearing high tax, wasteful countries. The bailouts are a characteristic of wasteful spending: the purchasing of bad debts and even worse businesses. The time has come to starve the pigs at the trough.

NB. Our blogging contributor and friend Andrew Ian Dodge is organizing the Tax Day Tea Party in Maine, click here or on Facebook for more information.