Bearing gifts to Greeks


Aren't we lucky little boys and girls, to be offered the opportunity to bail out Greece? Yes, I know, no one's quite said it outright as yet but we can all see what's coming, can't we? Some combination of us, the Germans, the eurozone, the IMF, is going to have to send money to Greece so that the three taverna lunch can live on.

Which is absolutely fine, I have no problem with that. Those who wish to ensure that a nation with one of the longest lifespans in Europe can continue to have one of the lowest retirement ages, well, have fun and get on with it. Where I do object is the idea that those who do not wish to do so will be forced to by having the money taxed out of their hides. Which means that I'm not in favour of an ECB, EMF, EU or E anything else solution.

Fortunately for me (and for you, my fellow taxpayers) the Bank of Greece has come to our rescue. There is a solution!

Pursuant to Bank of Greece Governor’s Act 271/4.3.2010, an account entitled “SOLIDARITY ACCOUNT FOR REPAYMENT OF PUBLIC DEBT"  has been opened at the Bank’s Head Office, Public Entities Accounts Section, for voluntary deposits, to be used exclusively for the repayment of Greece’s public debt.

Deposits to the account shall be accepted, starting 5 March 2010.

The details of the solidarity account are as follows:
IBAN: GR 04 010 0024 0000000026132462

That is it, the problem is solved. If we all, individually and collectively, think that paying off Greece's debt is a good idea then we can do so, voluntarily. That we have paid it off will be the signal that we wished to. That we don't pay it off will be the signal that we don't wish to: and thus should not be taxed in order to do so. Democracy in action, the will of the people made flesh.

I hereby declare the Greek debt crisis to be solved: no further action is necessary.