The end of capitalism?


If I were to describe something in a single statement and then ask you to determine what I was describing, what would come to mind with the phrase, “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax"? Like me, you would probably answer that it was a description of the tax system within the country you reside since most European and American government tax systems are indeed based on this principle. Would it surprise you to find out that this statement is in fact the second most important step towards a communist state, second only to the absolute abolition of private property, as presented by Marx in The Communist Manifesto?

The makings of a communist state are still alive and well, nesting inside the hollowed out remains of once proud capitalistic nations. No matter how much government paints itself up to be a supporter of the free market it is at the same time undermining it.

A frog will most certainly jump out of a pot of boiling water, but put him in the same pot and slowly heat the water until it boils and the frog will never notice until he is dead. Are we simply enjoying the warm waters so much that we don’t realize what is happening? Communism is a parasite. The system is designed to benefit all, but it cannot function with being able to drain the wealth out of those that produce it. If you remove the wealth it feeds on then it will die. We have a parasite problem, and it is killing capitalism with progressive taxes and over regulation. But no one will do anything about it because they are too busy swimming.