The government just lowered womens' wages

It's entirely true that this will have only a marginal effect but the effect will exist and it will also be in conflict with other expressed desires of our rulers. This will indeed lower womens' wages:

Desk fans should be introduced in every workplace to help women through the menopause, a new government report has urged.

Firms must also provide non-synthetic uniforms, access to natural light, places to rest, special absence policies and cold water fountains.

If there is some extra cost imposed upon the employment of a specific group of people then that cost will end up as a reduction in the wages on offer to that group of people.

For example, employers' national insurance is incident upon wages, as we all know. For the employers are looking at total compensation costs, not wages, when deciding upon hiring. How that compensation is split between taxation and wages doesn't worry the employer all that much, that total does.

This report is urging that there be extra costs imposed upon employing menopausal women. Therefore those wages will be lower. And, of course, we are all being told that closing that gender pay gap is a major preoccupation of public policy.

So, well done there. It's almost as if one part of government has no clue about all the other parts. Even, that the world is a complicated place which is is impossible to plan, govern?