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1 Million Years of Life: How Harm Reduction in Tobacco Policy Can Save Lives

The Adam Smith Institute are hosting a series of panel discussions and debates at the Conservative Party Conference that are free to attend for any Conservative Party Conference attendees. To find out more, email

Our vaping panel focuses on Britain’s e-cigarette revolution and how we can save over one million years of life with the right policy reforms. Vaping is at least 95% safer according to Public Health England, and current evidence suggests that it doesn’t act as a gateway to smoking. But reduced-risk nicotine products could be even better. Whatever your view of Brexit, it presents us with an opportunity to become a world-leader in liberalizing e-cigarette and reduced-risk tobacco products regulation.

Right now, the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive limits choice, drives up costs, and severely restricts the ability of vaping companies to advertise their products. Current advertising restrictions are especially harmful: many smokers simply haven’t been exposed to what vaping actually is, or readily accept the myths that surround it. Plain packaging rules prevent firms from inserting information on switching to less harmful products into cigarette packets. All of this is up for debate and has the potential to be changed. At Party Conference, we would therefore aim to discuss the arguments for taking a liberal regulatory approach to e-cigarettes and reduced-risk products for the sake of public health, as well as consumer choice. Confirmed speakers include Martin Cullip of the New Nicotine Alliance, UKVIA’s John Dunne, the ASI’s Daniel Pryor (author of our recent “One Million Lives” report) and Ems Barr of the Centre for Policy Studies (chair).

Don’t miss this! We're hosting it inside the Secure Zone (so you'll need a conference pass) in the Soprano room of the Hyatt Regency Birmingham. The event's free to attend, no need to RSVP, just turn up at 4pm.

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