ASI's Head of Digital Policy is quoted in City AM, defending Uber from allegations of tax avoidance

The Adam Smith Institute's Head of Digital Policy, Charlotte Bowyer, was quoted in City AM, defending the Uber app from a Labour MP's accusation of tax avoidance.

The Adam Smith Institute's head of digital policy, Charlotte Bowyer, said:

'The anti-Uber establishment's previous attempts to quash the company have all failed, so their new tactic is to play the tax card. This is a sign of an increasingly desperate industry. Allegations of tax avoidance sound serious but are unlikely to stick: it is not unheard of - or illegal - for companies operating in the UK to pay tax elsewhere.

'Hodge falsely claims that Uber has negatively impacted the taxi and private drivers of London. In fact, Uber's innovative service has created a new segment of both casual taxi users and part-time drivers, growing the private transportation market and creating new opportunities for the drivers of London.'

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