Director of TEN writes for City AM - It’s time to start talking about the British dream

The Director of the Entrepreneur's Network, Philip Salter, wrote an op-ed for City AM which highlights the need for British business and immigration policy to reflect young people's drive towards entrepreneurship.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP is all the rage. Research released today by HSBC shows that nearly a quarter of young people starting university this autumn want to work for themselves when they graduate. Banker, lawyer and consultant are no longer the default options.

This news won’t please everyone. Due to the conspicuous wealth of Silicon Valley’s have-yachts and other cultural biases, entrepreneurship is often crudely misrepresented as solely a private good. However, successful entrepreneurs will go on to employ thousands of people and provide goods and services that make all our lives better in a trillion different ways. Even failed entrepreneurs provide feedback for other business founders about what will and won’t work.

Read the full op-ed here.