New ASI paper "A Garden of One's Own" features in the Financial Times

New ASI report A Garden of One's Own: Suggestions for development in the metropolitan Green Belt featured in the Financial Times:

David Cameron’s efforts to raise the rate of home building will fail to solve the housing crisis, raising an urgent need to build on greenbelt land, a free market think-tank said on Friday.

The greenbelt, which limits development in and around Britain’s cities, acts as a “green noose” around urban areas, the Adam Smith Institute said, pushing up the cost of living, reducing the quality of lives and harming the environment.

While acknowledging the value many people put on greenbelt land, the think-tank’s report sought to find areas of land in and around London that were close to existing transport links and of little use in providing green recreational space for residents.

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The new ASI report, “A Garden of One’s Own: Suggestions for development in the metropolitan Green Belt“, seeks to provide location-specific examples of land under green belt protection which, if built over, would provide enough housing to solve the current crisis and meet all additional housing need until 2030.