New paper Catch of Today hauls in the coverage

Dr. Madsen Pirie's latest paper, Catch of Today: A ten point plan for British fishing, went down a storm with the media this week receiving blanket coverage across national print, online and broadcast titles.

The Daily Mail reported:

Britain's exclusive fishing rights should be raised from 12 to 200 miles to keep out foreign vessels in the wake of the Brexit vote, said the Adam Smith Institute. It said naval and air patrols should keep out foreign boats, which currently take 80 per cent of the catch in UK waters.

The Daily Express reported:

Britain has given Britain the chance to retake control of its fishing industry, a top economist said yesterday. Foreign boats net 80 per cent of fish caught in our waters. And up to half are thrown back to comply with EU overfishing quotas. 
Dr. Madsen Pirie of the Adam Smith Institute wants to expand our zone from 12 miles to the 200 we had before we joined the EU.

The Sun reported:

Theresa May is being urged to boost our fishing industry by banning all foreign trawlers from UK waters. The PM should use the Navy and RAF to impose new rules, a think-tank says. In a report launched today the ASI declares that the ECFP has "savaged UK waters".  
Tory MP for Dover, Charlie Elphicke, said: "This report has some powerful ideas that will protect British territorial waters". Last night Defra said: "Our fishing industry is immensely valuable and supporting our fisherman will form an important part of our exit from the EU."

City AM reported:

The think tank has also called for the creation of two new bodies, the Maritime Research Institute, which would monitor fish stocks, and a National Fisheries Council, which would determine a total allowable catch and quota for each species. 
The ASI claims the ECFP has "drastically limited" the exclusivity of fishing waters from 200 miles of the coast when it joined in 1973 to 12 miles now, enabling up to 80 per cent of catches in UK waters to be netter by foreign ships.

The Herald reported:

A new report from the Adam Smith Institute states the UK has a unique opportunity to reverse the "savage" damage done by the European Common Fisheries Policy (ECFP).
The institute says the EU's catch quotas have resulted in 1.7million tonnes of fish being thrown back into the sea each year. The ASI urged Britain to follow the example of Iceland and Norway and stay out of the ECFP after Brexit. 

The Press and Journal (Aberdeen) reported:

A leading think tank has delivered a ten-point action plan it says is a blueprint for reshaping the UK's fishing industry in the wake of Brexit. The ASI said the EU referendum outcome in June was a unique chance to make UK fishing "viable and profitable"

Mail Online reported:

The ASI has urged Britain to follow the example of Norway and Iceland and stay out of the ECFP after Brexit negotiations. With 80% of UK fishing stocks being caught by foreign boats, the ASI has called for the extension of the country's Exclusive Economic Zone from the current 12 miles off shore, to 200 miles out.

Dr. Pirie appeared on BBC Good Morning Scotland :

Ben Southwood discussed the paper on LBC:

And Madsen also appeared on Share Radio to discuss the report, available here