Surprise, the National Farmers' Union wants more of our money post-Brexit

We've mentioned before that we've a vision for what the government and taxpayer support for British farming should be post-Brexit. Nothing. To go the full New Zealand option and thereby lower the cost of land and thus the costs of doing or going into farming.

Not to anyone's surprise the National Farmers' Union doesn't agree:

The NFU has released its vision for a sustainable, profitable and progressive future for farm businesses in response to Defra’s consultation on a domestic agriculture policy which closes today.

What follows there is a page of the usual corporate blatherspeak. What they're actually suggesting is:

For a consultation on the potential reforms that closes on Tuesday, the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) is submitting proposals that suggest the NHS, schools, the government and other publicly run services that use government buying standards should be “wherever possible, sourcing British assured ingredients”, except for products not grown in the UK.

If followed through, this would ensure a market of tens of billions of pounds a year to British farming and food production and secure millions of jobs.

Instead of picking out pockets directly with subsidies they will do so indirectly through higher prices paid by the taxpayer. No, we still prefer our solution.

Get the farmers off the public teat as we first did in 1846 and watch as, as they did then, the costs of food fall to the benefit of us all.