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Amy Orben on 'Screens and Teens: Where is the evidence?'

Reports about the negative effects of so-called ’screen time’ on adolescent mental health are a daily occurrence across the British media and public conversation. But what do we actually know about the science backing up these worrying claims?

Amy Orben, College Lecturer in Psychology at Queen’s College, University of Oxford, will speak about the evidence behind recent claims in the media that teenagers are harming their mental health by spending too much time online.

Amy will give an overview of the current psychological evidence concerning digital technology and its effect on teenagers. Highlighting what we do and don’t know, she will describe a scientist’s perspective on what successful evidence-based policy approaches to teens and screens could look like.

Amy researches how social media and other digital technologies affect adolescent well-being and mental health. Her innovative work using large-scale datasets has been published in her field's leading journals; the results have put into question many long-held assumptions about the potential risks and benefits of ’screen time'.

Alongside her research, Amy campaigns for the use of improved statistical methodology in the behavioural sciences and the adoption of more transparent and open scientific practices. Amy regularly contributes to both media and policy debate, having recently given oral evidence to the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee.

To request a place, please email We open doors at 6pm and the talk itself will begin at 6.30pm, with a Q&A session taking place after the lecture at approximately 7:15pm.