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Book Launch — Dr Eamonn Butler's Street-wise guide to the British Economy

On the 30th of May the Adam Smith Institute is celebrating the launch of Dr Eamonn Butler’s brilliant new book: The Street-wise Guide to the British Economy: The Politics of Britain’s Present and Future.

Coinciding with Tax Freedom Day 2019, the day we start working for ourselves and not the taxman, as well it being the latest it has been since 1995, the book is a salutary reminder of what really makes an economy tick and a people prosperous.

Dr Butler is the co-founder and Director of the Adam Smith Institute, one of the world's leading think tanks which works to promote free market, neoliberal ideas through research, publishing, media outreach, and education. Dr Butler is a frequent contributor to print, broadcast, online media and one of the most respected commentators on politics and economics. He is the author of many books, including Foundations of a Free Society which won the 2014 Fisher Prize.

The Street-wise Guide to the British Economy is an independent, non-technical guide to understanding the major choices before us all in a fast-changing British economy. Unlike most guides to economics, it offers a ‘streetwise’ understanding of the current political and economic climate and how we might continue to better our world. Not only does the book set out clearly the individual political and economic choices before us all, but it also offers urgent proposals for reform.

Dr Butler will speak on how the enfeebled, autocratic and undemocratic Right and the delusional Marxist Left oblige us all to consider carefully what is to happen next, a particularly pertinent topic in these uncertain times.

Full Details:

  • Date: Thursday, May 30th 2019

  • Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

  • Location: 23 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3DJ

  • Format: Drinks reception and discussion

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