Blog Review 616


So what should we be doing about climate change then? Well, almost certainly not what Stern and or Al Gore suggest it would seem.

On that subject of climate change, perhaps the worst thing yet from a major media company. An online game for children which calculates the age at which they should die to make sure they don't use more than their "fair share" of the Earth's resources. Umm, like at 1.4 years old.

Continuing with the environment, we have no shortage of landfill in the UK at all: we dig more holes in the ground each year than we can fill already.

Around here we cast just as critical an eye on the activities of big business as we do on those of politicians or unions. Here's one reason why.

Casting a similarly sceptical eye upon big bureaucracy. Why should you have to die if you pay for your own medical treatment?

On the tenth anniversary of the Euro, an interesting view of what it means in Spain.

And finally, yes, this is tax freedom day but this might be, while amusing, not quite the right reaction.